Spring time bunnies and blue eyed whites!

I apologize if you came to this post expecting to see bunnies frolicking in my yard.  First and foremost because we don’t really have a yard, but also because the bunnies are from my herd of New Zealand / Flemish / Rex mixes.  I started raising rabbits 3 years ago as a healthy, alternative meat supply.  At the time I was also raising quail in my suburban backyard, but that is another story.

I started with a pair of New Zealand / Flemish mixes that worked out great.  I grew the “herd” from the two up to three does and a buck.  I breed for a couple of litters a year to go easy on the does and as we used the meat.  At that point I started selling my excess to have cash to buy feed and make it a more sustainable operation.  The problem was that I had basically albino bunnies, white with scary red eyes.  The market was a little limited.

One day after spending way too much time online, I ran across blue eyed white bunnies.  They were calling them Sinatra’s.  This is all based on the Vienna gene which is responsible for the blue eyes.  They were unique and people thought they were cute, so began my journey to create a good meat rabbit that was white with blue eyes.  I told myself it was to make they easier to sell, but really it was just for the challenge of doing something like this to add another level of interest to my rabbit hobby.  🙂

So I bought what I thought were three Rex rabbits (1 doe and 2 bucks) that had the Vienna gene from an out of state breeder.  One was a blue eyed white, the other two just had the gene.  It was only after delivery I discovered I had 3 bucks.  Oh well, I had the gene I needed.  So I began a breeding program with my larger meat rabbits does (NZW/Flemish) and the new bucks.  My goal is to get a larger stock than the original Rex’s, but with the awesome smooth soft fur of the original rabbits.  After only a couple rounds (generations) of breeding I have finally a spring 2015 litter with 3 blue eyed whites.  They are only two weeks old so I am waiting patiently to see how big they get and how soft their fur ends up.

Okay enough talk, here of some pictures to ooohhh and aahhh over!  🙂  Sorry a little grainy.

Grey Blue Eye

Little grey blue eyed bunny

All Blue Eye

Little group of blue eyed bunnies

Blue Eyed Whites

Little blue eyed white bunnies