Fall = football and deer hunting

I so look forward to fall!  I love to watch football and deer hunt.  When I say football I mean Nebraska Cornhusker football.  Go Big Red!  Being born in Omaha and raised on Nebraska football by my dad’s side of the family it is in my blood.  Whether they are doing good or bad I wear my red “N” covered clothing with pride.  While I am not so much a NFL fan I will occasionally watch and specifically the Super Bowl because it comes with good food and funny commercials.

Deer hunting is a whole other deal.  For me it is really about spending time in the woods.  For example it is opening day and I am actually writing this from my tree stand.  The sun is just coming up and filtering through the trees, the birds and squirrels are active, my rooster is crowing in the distance, just a wonderful time of day.  The truth is I am not very good at deer hunting.  In the over 30 years of trying I have only bagged two deer.  My son did that in his first two years.  I really do enjoying just being out in the woods.  Then there is the little adrenaline rush you get when you hear something that might be a deer, but never is.  I am hoping for greater future success now that we own the land and I can hunt literally in my own back yard.  Once the leaves fall I will be able to see the house from here. I am hoping I can see and recognize the patterns of the deer and use them to my advantage.  If not, well I will still enjoy the time spent in the great outdoors.   Here is a shot of my view this morning!