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The Robin Invasion!

Strange happenings here on the Ridge!  Well “were” happening.  I started this post a while back, so this was actually in late November.

One of the things we love about living in the woods is the variety of wild birds we get at the feeder just outside our bedroom window.  We even got a book so we could identify them.  We have chickadees, grey titmouse, 2-3 varieties of woodpeckers, on and on.  One odd thing is the cardinals seems to show up just at sunset, so we started calling them vampires.  :). The one bird we had not seen and thought was weird was a robin.  Had plenty of them in the city, but none since we moved out.

So in the last week of November I started noticing a lot of movement out the window.  Upon closer inspection I discovered it was a large flock of robins.  Hundreds of them!  None seemed to be interested in the feeder, they were just working through the leaves and underbrush.

As odd as this was, even odder is it went on for several days.  And then as quickly as they appeared they were all gone.  A quick Google search shows that Robins do migrate, although more sporadically than some species.  Just glad they chose to route through my back yard this year!