About Stone Hill Ridge

Welcome to our site about our journey on the ridge.

All my life I knew I wasn’t meant for the city. Although I grew up in a suburb of a decent size city, I always was more comfortable in the country. It all came together when our youngest child graduated high school. At the time I had chickens in our suburban backyard, was raising quail and rabbits as well had an ever expanding garden. We started looking for a new house to do a little downsizing of the house and up-sizing of the yard. I told my wife I wanted the new place to be described in X number of acres and there had to be water, the rest was her choice. I am very happy with the new place, but I should have been a little clearer.

Which is where the name comes from, Stone Hill Ridge. We live in a valley between a couple of steep rocky ridges. Stone Hill is an accurate description of the soil conditions. The water, well it is a river. While I would have preferred a lake or a pond, at least I don’t have to maintain it, i.e. stock it, fix leaking dam, etc.

So this blog is about our journey to transform this rugged landscape into something that benefits nature as a whole and of course us.