Kazooster the rooster

This is the second in a series of post about getting back into having chickens, the first post was Chickens for real this time!.

While I promised the next post would be related to the chicken coop build, I couldn’t help but make this post first. So the chickens are just about 5 months old and the sole rooster has decided he is old enough to “try” and start crowing. I say “try’ because we just laugh as he currently sounds like a broken kazoo, thus the name Kazooster. He is getting better everyday!

Take a look and let us know what you think!


Chickens for real this time!

This is part 1 of several post about our chickens.  It starts before we moved to Stone Hill Ridge.  We lived in the city and according to city code were not allowed to have chickens unless we had at least three acres, which we did not.

So I got a copy of the actual code and it was VERY specific, not chickens, ducks, turkey, or guinea fowl.  So I got to thinking what else is there that isn’t specific excluded.  Ostriches weren’t going to work so I went with quail.  For more on that check out Backyard Quail

That went well for a while and then the city changed the code to allow chickens under certain rules.  For example no more than 6 chickens and no roosters.  So we got some chicks and built a coop.  

City Coop

City coop with rabbit cages

We had also been raising rabbits (more on that later) so we built rabbit cages on the side of the coop. 

The chicks were 3 white leghorn and 3 brown leghorn.  Much to our surprised they all survived to adulthood and started laying.  We had plenty of fresh eggs as did friends and neighbors.

Fast forward to now, because there was no pre-existing buildings or an easy way to move the old coop we gifted the leghorns to a co- worker when we sold the house.

Next up we build the new Stone Hill Ridge coop with plenty of pictures