Bee Keeping – What have I done?

It appears I am learning something about bee keeping, like it or not. After using all my will power and staying out of the hives for two weeks (before now I was in them at least once a week) I went into the hives this weekend only to determine I had lost the queen in one of the two hives. It appears it has been a while as I could not find ANY capped brood cells. I did find the start of a couple of queen cells and so I panicked and grabbed a frame of capped brood from the stronger hive thinking they would need something to put in those queen cells and closed it all back up.

After a little (actually very little) internet searching, I realized what I needed was eggs and not capped brood. 🙁 So instead of opening the hives again and causing more stress I went online and ordered a new queen. Hopefully it is not to late in the season to save this hive. Stay tuned for an update when the new queen arrives.

On a positive note, both hives started building nice straight comb on the foundationless frames I gave them two weeks ago. So I swapped out two more frames on the stronger hive. That might be all I do this year to give them time to make a strong run at the fall/winter.

2 thoughts on “Bee Keeping – What have I done?

  1. Oh no! That’s devastating news. I’m glad you could order queens, especially this time of year. The straight foundation is good news – smart bees!

    I sincerely hope you can save the hives, even if they need feeding this winter. I’ll be rooting for you and very interested in how this turns out.

  2. Thanks! We will see how it goes. Went from constant rain to 100 degrees here. Been a tough first bee year weather-wise.

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