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Garden Hack Summit Weekend Replay – Review

Last week I viewed the Garden Hack Summit. Stacey Murphy put together a great list of speakers and garden topics. There were great videos on building soil (by Greg Peterson of urbanfarm.org), hugelkultur (by Paul Wheaton of permies.com), closed loop aquaponics (by Yemi Amu of okofarms.com), electric poultry netting (by Justin Rhodes of http://abundantpermaculture.com/), and others.

This weekend (8/5-8/7) they are running a free replay – so head on over and check out this great information at this link “Garden Hack Summit 2016” This is not an affiliate link and I get nothing for this recommendation, just good information I wanted to share.

I particularly enjoyed the talk on aqauponics by Yemi Amu. My plan it to implement the same system on a much smaller scale in my 10X12 greenhouse as soon as we get it installed this fall.