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DIY Wood Shed and cleaning up the woods!

Seems we have started a tradition where we do a building project in between snow storms for the winter months to keep us active and off the couch. Last year it was the chicken coop build and this year it was a wood shed. A part of that tradition also seems to going a little over the top. We didn’t really need such a big chicken coop and we probably don’t need two oversized wood sheds. 🙂

We have a fireplace and while we would love to say we are using wood to heat the house, we are just not there yet. So really we don’t need THAT much firewood. The wood sheds became a building project for this year because we took down several large trees to clear a new garden area, as well as several piles of firewood spread across the property from storm damage or downed trees. My Lovely Wife (LW) decided we needed to “clean up the woods”. While I tried to protest and explain the woodland animals didn’t care if we left the woods a little messy, but she was having none of it. Yes Dear!

The plans we started with were once again from HowtoSpecialist.com – wood shed plans. Of course we had to expand on the plan sizes and build two. The base is 4X8 and they are about 6ft at the front. The building is complete with a little work to do on the roof, since we ran out of shingles. We used pressure treated lumber for the base and post, the remainder being un-treated. We spaced the floor boards and side rails to allow for good airflow and save a little on lumber cost. I know there is some alternate opinions out there, but if you consider a cord of wood to be 4X4X8, then each of these should hold about a cord of wood.

Here are a couple of pictures for your viewing enjoyment.
Right Side Complete Wood Shed

Both Wood Sheds

Left Side Complete Wood Shed

Both Wood Sheds Full of Wood

Left Side Wood Shed Full of Wood

The Robin Invasion!

Strange happenings here on the Ridge!  Well “were” happening.  I started this post a while back, so this was actually in late November.

One of the things we love about living in the woods is the variety of wild birds we get at the feeder just outside our bedroom window.  We even got a book so we could identify them.  We have chickadees, grey titmouse, 2-3 varieties of woodpeckers, on and on.  One odd thing is the cardinals seems to show up just at sunset, so we started calling them vampires.  :). The one bird we had not seen and thought was weird was a robin.  Had plenty of them in the city, but none since we moved out.

So in the last week of November I started noticing a lot of movement out the window.  Upon closer inspection I discovered it was a large flock of robins.  Hundreds of them!  None seemed to be interested in the feeder, they were just working through the leaves and underbrush.

As odd as this was, even odder is it went on for several days.  And then as quickly as they appeared they were all gone.  A quick Google search shows that Robins do migrate, although more sporadically than some species.  Just glad they chose to route through my back yard this year!